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Don Alder, Acoustic Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter

All CDs are 19.50 US, which includes shipping to Canada and the US.

All Tabs are 4.50 US, in table edit format and will be emailed upon payment

All transactions are this site are through Paypal if you dont use paypal then you can purchase
"Cool Cool Tunes Compilation" and "Not A Planet" available at

You can also purchase single songs for .99 cents each, make a payment to via paypal and name the song you want to order.


  "Not a Planet"
  GP5 format
  "Wok the Dawg"
  GP5 format
  "Sayonara.calm" (for 6 string)
  GP5 format
  tabledit format and GP5 format
  "The Wall
  GP5 format
  "Blue Shift Principle"
  GP5 format
  "Flacon de Niege (snowflake)
  GP5 format (This is a christmas tune)
  "Gophur It"
  GP5 format
  "Package Deal (all 3 Tab)
  In tabledit format and GP5 format (any 3 specify)
  hear samples at cdbaby or
Don Alder - Not A Planet
The Wall (Great Wall of China)
6Ft Tall
Mr. Anderson
Blue Shift Principle
Haunting Me
Ms. Diana
Finger's Fingers
He Said, She Said
Man from Lady Lane
Flacon de neige (Snowflake)
TTJ (Taiwen Traffic Jam)
Not a Planet
Harp Guitar Dreams - Compilation Various Artists
Into the Ocean - Andy Mckee
If you were here - Tim Donahue
Greensleeves - Alex De Grassi
View from Space - Muriel Anderson
Bradwyn - Andy Wahlberg
Dulcitar Dream - Tom Shinness
A Single Moment - Don Alder
Mahjabeen - Jeff Titus
Verdant Mist - Gregg Miner
Jubhals Tomb - Carter Lancaster
Long Distance Call - Dan Lavoie
When we were Kings - Pete Bradshaw
Harp Guitar Dreams - John Doan
  Read a Review of this CD HERE
Don Alder - Cool Compilation

Over the Top
Marshal's Lanai
Nut-bari Farm
Tommy Time
Chet or Cheese

THIS IS a home made CD and we print CDs one at a time but we do have a digital download card avail for 10.00

Meeting Pierre
Belgian Jacqueslate
Wok the Dawg
Take the Train eh!
A Little Charm
Granny on the Run


DVD/CD Combo Set 20.00
live compilation DVD 2005 & Take the Train
Double Cappuccino
Marshal's Lanai(studio)
Taiwan Traffic Jam
Say Youre Mine
Over the Top (studio)
Mr. Anderson
Granny on the Run
Wok the Dawg
Marshal's Lanai (baritone)
DRDR (studio)

Fingerstyle All Stars DVD
featuring Andy Mckee, Peter Finger, Don Alder, Jacques Stotzem, Uli Bogenshausen



Take the Train Eh!
DR DR (instr, dedicated to Don Ross)
Meeting Pierre (instr)
Chet or Cheeze
Its Only Goodbye (instr)
Ben (instr) - Michael Jackson
Over the Top
Tommy Time (instr)

Greeneyed Lady (instr) - Sugarloaf
The Sheriff

Slowdown (instr)
BillyBlues (instr)
Take the Train Eh! (instr)
Always Calling

THIS IS a home made CD and we print CDs one at a time.


Acoustic Matters
(The All Instrumental CD)

Tickle Toes

A Little Charm

Go Walk the Dog
Tattle Tale
Marshal's Lanai
Gophur It
Bobs Back

Granny on the Run
Matilda Jig
Acoustic Matters
Lets Talk
Remember my Heart
Frenzi l'amour

THIS IS a home made CD and we print CDs one at a time.


WE have other CDs from Don Alder that are out of print but can be purchased as Duplicated CDs. Titles include "Acoustiholic 100proof", "Acoustic Matters" (vocals), "A Little Charm"

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