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Acoustic Buds
Andy Mckee (Kansas) new young super tapper, a very nice guy, and a wonderful friend
Masa Sumide (Japan) grooviest acoustic player I know, new bud, and hope to bring him to Vancouver in 2006
Peter Finger (Germany) Peter is absolutely brilliant and a new friend
Jacques Stotzem (Belgium) another european monster and new friend
Mark Zeus (Houston, Texas)
Simon Budd (Alta, Canada) (great picker, singer songwriter)
Huang Chia Way (famous guitarist from Taiwan, publisher, promoter, new friend)
Del Vazeau Ont, guitarist also runs the Canadian Guitar Festival.
Don Ross (one of the major pioneers of acoustic guitar)
Dave Martone (extreme electric shred talent, great guy)
Bob Evans
(great guitarist from Regina)
Francois Larouche (best tab guy around, awesome player
Teja Gerken (Teja writes for AG magazine, cool player with cool tunes)
Doug Young (Doug is an extremely clean player with a great sound, check him out)
Bill Hammond (cool guy and great player)
Michael Chapdeleine (michael does it all and has a hot version of come together)
Jane Sieberry
Adrienne Pierce

Great Resource Links

Acoustic Guitar Man Tips

Check out these talents:
Alex De Grassi (acoustic guitar with total taste)
Pete Huttlinger (hot acoustic/electric session player)
Stephen Bennett (when you hear him play you theres a future for acoustic guitar)
Imogan Heap ( A one woman band thats amazing)

Australia Tommy Emmanuel (acoustic guitar doesn't get any better then this)

Greenfield Guitars
Micheletti Guitars
Craig Lavin Handcrafted Inlay
Victor Guitars
Karol Guitars

People "Making A Difference"
Rick Hansen (a site you need to bookmark)
Ani Difranco (the main lady of acoustic artistry and mastery of words)
Yvonne McSkimming, Mark Fortin


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